Fine Art Portfolio


Oil and collage on panel, 3′ x 5′

The cycle of death to create a new. It’s not an end, but a beginning. After the death of my grandfather in 2013, I began investigating various beliefs and rituals on how different cultures cope with the end of life. And I found no matter what belief you hold, when you die your body goes through a decomposition and transition into something different, hence the name “transformation.”

Bone to bone

Oil and collage on canvas, 2′ x 4′

Using collage photos of animal bones, I want to visually convey that death is not an end but a beginning. No matter what beliefs you hold about the end of a life cycle, as a body decays it becomes something. It returns back into an earth element and renews once again.

Field Study

Oil and collage on canvas, 3′ x 4′

Taking the bone painting collage a step further, the boundries of the surface are discarded. The organic shape of the painting consititutes the new boundry, unconstrained, and free. This is a study painting for the “The Field” painting for my MFA thesis.

Spreading Thin

Oil and collage on board, 3″ x 8″

Using smaller dimensions, I used the same technique of collage and painting using more muted colors. 

The Field

Oil and collage on canvas, 10′ x 10′

This is my thesis painting using the collage and oil painting techinique. Using various color palettes and images, I set a challenge for myself on how it would all come together again. This is going along with the idea of cycles of life, death, and renewal. 

Branching Realities

Oil and collage on canvas, 14″ x 20″

Including some echoes of human presence, I am continuing technique of oil and collage to create a scewed reality.