My Story

My creative journey began when I was a small child. Like most children, I loved to draw and create, and was very much into beautiful colors. Instead of my creative spirit fizzling away, like so many as they get older, my creativity intensified. The only thing stopping me from being a full-blown artist is the fear instilled in me that I couldn’t do anything with being an artist. At Humboldt State University within the first year, I fell in love with the art department and declared myself an art major. To satisfy the fear but still be able to be an art major, I decided to become an art therapist. So, I signed up for art education and minored in psychology. This was one of happiest times in my life. I loved loved being an art student and thrived in the environment and culture.

When I graduated, I started to pursue my art therapy career by researching and applying to programs. Within months, I discovered this is not what I wanted to do and just dropped art and creativity altogether. I worked many odd jobs and did temp work starting my administrative and office experience. This was a very lost time for me, and I let the fear consume every decision I made and kept making for a few years. After a scary health episode, I realized that I am an artist, and this is what makes me happy. Since I had not created any art for a couple of years at this point, I decided to study art for nine months in Florence, Italy to build my portfolio and accumulate myself as an artist again. After completing this program, I moved from California to Michigan to complete a Master of Fine Art (MFA) degree.

Since completing my education, I have been building professional experience working in various environments, such as DePaul University, Superior Street Center for the Arts, and Mississippi Management which is the management office of the art center. When I co-founded Ancient Harmony Healing, it was a time that I finally found a way to combine my creative, artistic background with my professional experience. I discovered creativity is not only in fine art, but it is in everything and everywhere. Every aspect of developing and operating this company takes creative solutions. I am particularly interested in now pursuing marketing and gaining more professional expertise. I completed a program with Digital Marketing Institute to become a Certified Marketing Professional to have general knowledge and continue my education to keep my certification. I still pursue my artwork for myself and my company and find great satisfaction with it. I now live in Grass Valley, California with my husband and sons.